Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Date of Enactment: 1st April 2005
Date Revised: February 14, 2022
City Computer Co., Ltd.
Masatomo Kawahara
President and Representative Director

Since its establishment in 1989, City Computer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has acquired and used a large amount of personal information as an information processing service company engaged in various businesses such as data entry, temporary staffing, and sales and maintenance of medical systems.
We are fully aware of the importance of personal information and believe that the appropriate use and protection of such information is an important social responsibility of our company and the basis of our business activities.
In order to ensure the implementation of these policies, we have formulated the following Personal Information Protection Policy and have made it known to all employees, including establishing and operating a personal information management system to maintain and improve its management.

1. Acquisition (Collection) of personal information
When acquiring personal information directly from the individual, we will use legal and fair means, clarify the purpose and scope of use, and only acquire the information after obtaining consent.
When personal information is entrusted to us, we will process and provide it appropriately within the scope of the entrustment agreement.
When acquiring personal information that is publicly available, we will specify the purpose of use and use (process) the information within the scope of the purpose of use. In addition, we will not handle (use for other purposes) personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use. We will also take appropriate management measures to prevent the use of personal information for other purposes.
We will thoroughly educate our employees, etc. to ensure compliance with the above items when handling personal information after it has been acquired.
2. Management of personal information
For the management of personal information, we will establish internal regulations in accordance with the guidelines (various countermeasure standards such as information system security countermeasure standards) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and implement reasonable security measures in terms of technology and management.
We will take measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information according to the risks that may occur in the handling of personal information in each business. In addition, we will establish and maintain a system for prompt rectification in the unlikely event that we detect the risk of such an event occurring.
We strictly prohibit the use of personal information for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended, or the provision of such information to third parties.
We will establish a system of internal responsibility for the handling of personal information in the course of business.
3. Compliance with laws and guidelines related to personal information
The Company will comply with laws and ordinances, guidelines established by the government, and other standards regarding personal information.
4. Continuous review of the personal information management system (PMS)
We will conduct regular audits and reviews of our PMS and strive for continual improvement. If any deficiencies are found, corrective measures will be taken immediately.
5. Inquiries about personal information
We will accept complaints and consultations from individuals regarding the handling of personal information and respond appropriately and promptly. We will also respond appropriately and promptly to requests from the person in question for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or refusal of use or provision of the relevant personal information.