We offer a highly flexible, custom-made, fully supported scoring system.

We offer a highly flexible, custom-made, fully supported scoring system.

Service Features


Our self-developed, highly flexible scoring and correction system can be used for a variety of tasks.

High quality and quick delivery

More than 150 staff members who have passed a certain standard will grade and correct papers with high quality in a short period of time.

Creating practical test questions

We can create test questions for elementary to high school students that will improve their practical skills in specialized fields.

Service Overview

Because we have our own system and language service infrastructure, we can provide total support from grading to test administration.

Our fully supported custom-made grading system allows a high degree of freedom in grading. Using our own grading and correction system, we provide total support from building of the grading system to implementation of the test. Our in-house system and language service infrastructure allows us to provide a stable service with a short delivery time.

Why we recommend this service

Cost performance

System development, test administration support, and scoring are all handled in one package, leading to cost savings.

CEFR B2-C1 level scoring staff

We have more than 150 Filipino scorers with high grades at CEFR B2-C1 level, enabling us to provide high quality, quick turnaround and high volume processing.

Extensive and generous support

We offer support for the second round of the English proficiency test and TOEIC (speaking), as well as school learning support.

Examples of Use

I have been looking for scorers but I cannot find any.

We will propose resources that match your needs.

We want to receive feedback in the optimal shortest time after the exam.

We maximize effectiveness by providing rapid post-exam feedback which is most important in the educational genre.

I want to hold a test using tablet devices.

We offer a full range of services, from preparation of tablet devices to management of the test site.

I want to operate a grading system within our organization.

Our web-based scoring system can be operated by the customer. The network environment is secure, so you can use the system with peace of mind.

I want to improve my English conversation skills, but I find it difficult to do so in an ordinary classroom situation.

We provide support for one-to-one tuition, booster classes, etc. through our web service. Please feel free to contact us.

I want to integrate the entire process from development project to grading.

We offer a one-stop service from development project to grading.


What kind of companies have you worked with?
We have experience with many major educational companies and famous prep schools.
Do you provide scoring via web-based testing?
We have a web-based grading system that can handle large numbers of students.
How is the grading done?
Grading is done twice for the same question. In addition, the difference is calculated to prevent grading errors.
Do you have a one-to-one English teaching curriculum?
Individualized curricula can be created at the desired level.

Rate Plan

Please contact us by phone or using the Estimate Request form.

Service Flow

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff will consult you about the details of your request.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


Please place your order after confirming the contents of the estimate.


Our Filipino staff will perform grading.


We will deliver the scoring data.