Data Entry

Data Entry

We offer the industry's top-class text data conversion service with high reliability and turnaround time.

Service Features

High quality

We perform at least two entry operations using an entry verification method that leverages the functions of dedicated entry machines.

Safe and secure

We process data in a safe and secure environment with thorough security measures (P-mark, ISO9001/27001).

Low-cost and speedy

We provide speedy, low-cost processing by utilizing our existing input resources.

Service Overview

We provide one-stop BPO services, including pre- and post-input services, based on know-how accumulated over 30 years in the business.

We use dedicated data entry machines capable of fast, accurate input of large data volumes. These dedicated data entry machines can be easily programmed with character attributes, calculation checks, logic checks, and other input error prevention functions. In addition to the skills of our professional data entry operators, we provide the highest quality service by creating dedicated programs for each project.

Why we recommend this service

The best data input comes from a dedicated input company!

Data entry by highly skilled input operators allows for quick turnaround.

We can input directly into your input system.

We can provide web-based input and dispatch input operators to meet your needs.

We handle both paper and image source documents.

We can input not only from paper, but also from images (jpeg, tiff, PDF, etc.).

Examples of Use

I want you to input various application forms and application documents efficiently.

We will create a dedicated program for each type of original document and input the data.

I want to grasp customer trends from questionnaire data and survey data.

We can visualize the information by performing simple aggregation, cross tabulation, and data analysis.

Financial data

We can input account transfer request forms, bank transfer request forms, utility bills, etc.

The hospital we run is in the process of digitizing documents, but I am having trouble managing paper documents from the past.

Leave it to us to input the large number of health checkup application forms, health checkup result sheets, receipts, etc.

I want to share student information among the teachers.

By converting examination admission cards, exam score data, class questionnaires, etc. into data, information can be easily shared while maintaining security.

Government data

We can do the input for various bidding projects.


Can you come and pick up the original documents?
Yes. As a general rule, we collect documents by our own delivery service (company-owned car). The original documents will be locked in a duralumin case before being transported.
What are your BCP measures?
In case of failure, the system switches to another line. We also have a backup system between input bases which allows us to respond flexibly in the event of a disaster.
Can you aggregate and analyze data?
We will work with our systems department to process results according to your needs.

Rate Plan

Business card input (company name, department name, name, postal code, address, telephone number, fax number, email address) From 35 yen per card
Questionnaire entry (20 questions, open-ended responses in about 20 characters) From 20 yen per questionnaire
Application form entry (first name, family name, date of birth, postal code, address, telephone number, multiple-choice questions) 25 yen per form
※ The above unit prices are for reference purposes only. The price will vary depending on the input items, rate, number of items, delivery date, frequency, etc.

Service Flow

Signing of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

If necessary, we will sign an NDA before discussing the details of the project.


Our staff will consult you about the details of your request.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


After confirming the estimate, please place your order.

Receipt of original documents

We will use our own delivery service to pick up the original documents.

Input and creation of delivery medium

After receiving the original documents, we will start the scanning work.


Delivery will be made in the medium of your choice.