Paper information lying around your office is converted into high quality data with overwhelming speed.

Paper information lying around your office is converted into high quality data with overwhelming speed.

Service Features

High quality

Our scanning experts are meticulous in ensuring high quality.

Quick delivery

By having our own multiple dedicated high-speed scanners, we are able to achieve low cost and quick delivery.

7 locations nationwide

This service is available at 7 locations nationwide (Tokyo, Osaka, Wakayama, Tottori, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Shizuoka).

Service Overview

Our expert staff will digitize and convert your paper documents into data with quick delivery, low cost, and high security.

Our dedicated high-speed scanners and book scanners can handle a variety of paper media.
We can digitize your paper documents with high quality, low cost, and quick delivery. Our certified document information managers will handle your important paper media appropriately, so you can be assured of security.

Why we recommend this service

Quick delivery and high quality

We provide high quality data using our own dedicated high-speed scanners at 7 locations nationwide.

Thorough security management

We have obtained certifications such as P Mark and ISO9001/27001, so you can use our services safely and securely.

We provide a system that can be updated by the customer.

Our search system is designed for easy use and can be updated by the customer after it has been created.

Examples of Use

Due to a change in office layout, we want to go paperless with our documents.

We will pick up the documents by our own delivery service, and after digitization, we will dissolve them.

The number of paper contracts and other documents has increased so much that I feel that there is less and less space in the office.

By digitizing paper documents, you can reduce the amount of storage space for documents and make better use of your office space.

It is difficult to find documents in the stack room, so I would like to be able to search for them using a computer.

We can help you build a search system that allows you to easily search for digitized documents.

We have started implementing BCP measures, but we want to keep important documents in both paper and electronic media.

We offer storage of the original documents in our warehouse after digitization without returning them to you. Please feel free to contact us.


In what condition should I hand over the paper medium and materials?
It does not matter what condition they are in. We will take care of the necessary pre-processing for scanning.
Please tell me how to hand over data containing personal information.
In principle, we will collect the data by our own delivery service (company-owned car). The data and materials will be locked in a duralumin case before being transported.
What resolutions are supported?
Up to 400 dpi.
What kind of delivery method do you offer?
We respond flexibly to customer requests. Normally, we use the data delivery service (of a shipping company) for delivery.
I would like to know what size documents you can handle.
From A4 to A0.

Rate Plan

Scanning method Size Starting Price per sheet Front/back Resolution Color
Flat A0 700 JPY〜
(MAX 300dpi)
(or monochrome)
A1 600 JPY〜
A2 500 JPY〜
A3 25 JPY〜
A4 20 JPY〜
ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) A3 10 JPY〜
A4 10 JPY〜
※ The above prices are based on the assumption that there is no pre-processing or post-processing.
※ If stapler removal is included, it will be added separately.
Option Fee Remarks
Renaming 1JPY/word  
Dissolving Process 1,200/per box
The price is per cardboard box.
Shipping Costs 7,000 JPY〜
The price will be calculated separately depending on the distance.
Search System 50,000 JPY
After delivery, the specifications can be updated in-house.

Service Flow

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


We will send you a consultation sheet. Please fill it out and send it back to us. You may also contact us if you wish an on-site visit.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


After confirming the estimate, please place your order.

Receipt of original documents

We will use our own delivery service to pick up the original documents.

Start work

After receiving the original documents, we will start the scanning work.


Delivery will be made in the medium of your choice.