Website Creation

Website Creation

We create high quality websites at low prices from a wide variety of templates

We create high quality websites at low prices from a wide variety of templates

Service Features

Focus on cost performance

Template-based website creation enables us to offer quick, low-cost turnaround.

Smartphone support

In addition to the PC version, we will build a mobile site that can be easily viewed on smartphones within the price.

Extensive support

We will provide free support for three months after delivery, including partial revisions and maintenance inquiries.

Service Overview

We use a wide variety of templates to create high quality websites at low prices.

Based on foreign-made templates, we achieve novel designs at low prices. We also conduct thorough consultations to build SEO-friendly websites that lead to sales and inquiries.

Why we recommend this service

Highly satisfactory page creation through in-depth consultation

We get a firm grasp of what you want to communicate and propose a design that matches your envisioned image.

Adoption of overseas templates

We offer a variety of innovative, sophisticated, and dynamic designs.

Free support after installation

For three months after delivery, we provide free support for partial revisions, maintenance inquiries, etc.

Examples of Use

I want to create a website for my company on a low budget.

We will make the best proposal for you according to your budget.

I want to renew my website.

We can create a website based on your current design. Please feel free to contact us.

I want an SEO-friendly website.

A high word count is beneficial for SEO. Based on careful consultation with you in order to better portray your company’s appeal, we will build a website with SEO-friendly word count and text.

I want our website design to set us apart from other companies.

We offer a wide variety of innovative and dynamic designs using overseas templates.

I want you to create a website that meets my needs.

After an in-depth consultation, our designers will create a website that meets your needs.

I want to set up a website immediately.

We can deliver in as little as three weeks. Please contact us.


Can we update the website ourselves?
If you have an intermediate level of computer skills, you will be able to update your website yourself. In addition, a full support plan (10,000 yen/month) is available for companies that have no time to update, have little or no technical skills, or have no IT staff. In such cases, we recommend subscribing to the monthly support plan.
Do I need to provide photos and images?
Basically, we use the photos that you provide. If it is difficult to provide photos, we can prepare appropriate images from commercially available materials. As an option, we can also use photos taken by a professional photographer.
Do you offer SEO services?
We can provide internal linking for SEO within the price. *Responsive design, smartphone compatibility, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are supported as standard features.
Can you provide support for domain names and rental server contracts?
Yes, we can do that within the price. We also offer a full support plan (10,000 yen/month excluding tax) and a server management plan (2,000 yen/month excluding tax).

Rate Plan

Plan Fee (excluding tax)
LP Plan 500,000 JPY or more
Reliable Monthly Support Full Support Plan (Monthly) negotiable
Server Management Plan (Monthly) negotiable

Service Flow

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff will consult you about your request.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


After confirming the contents of the estimate, please place your order.

Detailed Consultation and Production

We will conduct our own consultations to clarify your ideas, and create the product in partnership with you (gathering feedback), while updating you about the progress of the project.


We will deliver the final product (website) only when you are satisfied and feel no more revisions are required.