Medical Dispensing System

Medical Dispensing System

We sell various systems and options for medical clinics and dispensing pharmacies.

We sell various systems and options to medical clinics and dispensing pharmacies.

Service Features

A system specialized for healthcare settings

Our specialized system streamlines operations at clinics and dispensing pharmacies.

A wide variety of options

Our dispensing system allows you to add options to suit your business needs.

Maintenance support

We provide full after-sales support including Windows PC maintenance, hardware maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Service Overview

We provide systems for electronic medical records and medical dispensing that improve work efficiency in healthcare settings.

We provide sales and maintenance support for MRN, an electronic medical record-integrated receipt computer for clinics, and Chozai-kun V7, a receipt computer for dispensing pharmacies. We provide meticulous support by professional staff before and after introduction.

Why we recommend this system

Easy-to-use system for everyone

The screens are easy to understand and operate, even if you are not familiar with computer operations.

MRN pursues the functionality required in healthcare settings

MRN is a system that considers every detail of what can be done with electronic medical records, and minimizes the time and effort required to operate medical records. It is equipped with essential management functions for electronic medical records, such as security and access log management.

Full support for Chozai-kun V7

We can quickly respond to the ever-changing environment (family pharmacist, home treatment support, promotion of generic drugs, etc.) and propose solutions. Leave it to us to provide management consultation, dissemination of revised information, and analysis. We will support your entire dispensing pharmacy through seminars, training, management consultation, and human resource development.

Examples of Use

MRN: I want to back up my data in case of a disaster.

Real-time synchronization with the CCK center (cloud-based backup) allows us to keep the system up-to-date.

MRN: I don’t need electronic medical records, but I want to use the system as a receipt system.

We offer Clerk Style mode as a dedicated machine for counter operations that can create receipts, invoices, etc..

MRN: We introduced the clerk style mode, but now we need the electronic medical record function as well.

You can migrate from Clerk Style to Medical Record Style. All past medical data will be synchronized with the medical record screens. The operability remains unchanged, so there is no burden on hospital staff.

MRN: I want to link it with the medical appointment system.

We support linkage to various external devices. Please feel free to contact us.

Chozai-kun V7: I am worried about introducing the system, so I would like to receive solid support.

We will provide consistent support from operation explanation before introduction and attendance at the time of introduction to attendance at billing operations and after-sales follow-up.

Chozai-kun V7: I want to add options to suit my business.

We sell electronic medication history, medication bag finder, medication notebook printer, and auditing system options. Please use them to optimize your business.


Can I use the system even if I don’t have an internet connection?
Our system can be used even without an internet connection. We will send you the program CD by mail when medical fee revisions and program upgrades are available.
Is it okay if I am not familiar with computers?
Our dedicated instructors will provide detailed instructions so that even if you are not familiar with computers, you can operate the software.
What should I do if I don’t know how to operate the system?
Please contact us. We will solve the problem while sharing the screen with you via remote control. We will also visit your office to provide support.
What should I do if my system is not working properly?
In the event of a hardware failure, our staff will bring a replacement unit and quickly restore your data from the backup data.

Rate Plan

Please contact us by phone or using the Estimate Request form.

Service Flow

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff will ask you about the details of your request.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


After confirming the details of the estimate, please place your order.

Delivery and operation observation

Our staff will be present when the system goes into operation.

After-sales support

After installation, our professional staff will support you as needed.