Electronic Contracts

Electronic Contracts

This is total support service for the introduction of electronic contracts. For more information, please contact us.

Service Features

Drastic Reduction of Paperwork

No more printing, binding, enclosing, or mailing. The searchability of documents is also improved, leading to cost reduction in office work.

Remote Contracting

Contracts can be concluded even when the person authorized to affix the seal is on a business trip or working from home. This increases the speed of operations and contributes to improved turnover and increased sales.

Use of Electronic Contracts in CCK

We will show you how we use electronic contracts at CCK to give you a concrete image of how it actually works.

Service Overview

We will provide full support for your first electronic contract

As electronic contracts become more and more popular, we will convey the concrete advantages and disadvantages to companies and organizations that are considering introducing them.
In addition, our representative will support smooth operation of the system not only during basic operation at the time of introduction but also after introduction.

Why we recommend it

Digitization allows for integrated issuance, progress management, storage and retrieval.

The entire contracting process can be completed with one tool, making it easier to grasp the entire process and improving the productivity of administrative and sales staff.

Significantly reduced time loss in the seal stamping process

With electronic contracts, conclusion of the contract is requested by e-mail. Therefore, it is expected to greatly reduce the time loss caused by the person authorized to affix the seal being on a business trip or by the decision-making procedures among multiple group companies and unions.

Proposing concrete examples of implementation and usage

We will provide specific practical examples that only CCK, which has actually introduced electronic contracts, can provide.

Examples of Use

I want to simplify routine contract work.

By digitizing frequently issued or renewed contracts, such as outsourcing contracts with sole proprietors, renewal of employment contracts for fixed-term employees, and documents sent to temporary staff, you can simplify the work and save time.

I want to be able to conclude contracts even when the person authorized to affix the seal is on a business trip or working from home

When the person with the authority to affix the seal is on a business trip or working from home, the issuing of contracts may be delayed. Electronic contracts is a web-based service that enables smooth issuance even if the person authorized to affix the seal is absent from the company.

I want to issue a large number of contracts of the same type and easily check the progress

Electronic contracts are CSV-compatible, and by inserting data into the entry field, you can issue contracts for more than 100 people in a few minutes. In addition, the management screen is designed to show the progress of the contracts at a glance.

I want to search for past contracts.

In business, we often need to check past contracts. In the past, you had to search through cabinets for contracts, but with electronic contract services, you can find them simply by typing the contract name in the search field.

There are too many electronic contract services to choose from.

If you are fazed by the large number of electronic contract services on offer, please contact us. We will consult you about the details of your business and propose the most suitable service and plan based on your business and the contracts you have issued.

I want to digitize my existing paper contracts.

Our electronic contract service can store existing paper contracts (optional). CCK has 30 years of experience in scanning, and we can handle scanning and data sorting of large volumes of documents.


Are there any legal issues with electronic contracts?
Electronic contracts are designed in accordance with laws such as the Electronic Signature Law and the Electronic Bookkeeping Law, and are provided under the supervision of lawyers. Contracts other than those that are legally required to be concluded in writing can be concluded electronically.
Do my business partners also need to adopt the electronic contracting service?
No, with the exception of the services of certain companies, your business partners do not need to introduce electronic contracting services. All you need is an Internet environment and email software.
Can I use the service other than for just contracts?
Yes. Apart from contracts, you can use it for application forms for service use.
What kind of electronic contract services does City Computer offer?
GMO GlobalSign Holdings "Agree" is the main service we offer. (We are planning to expand the number of electronic contract services in the near future.)
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to contract directly with the electronic contracting service manufacturer?
The price is the same as making a direct contract with the manufacturer. (We are planning to expand the number of e-contracting services sequentially.)

Rate Plan

Service name GMO Electronic Seal "Agree"
Service Features You can attach a copy of your ID and issue a contract on the same level as one with a registered personal seal.
Basic fee Contract Seal & Registered Seal Plan: 8,800 yen
Issuance of digital certificate 1st copy free / 8,000 yen from 2nd copy (valid for 1 year)
Transmission fee per case Electronic signature: 100 yen / Electronic signature: 300 yen
Main Options ● Security・Internal Control Pack
・Workflow Fixation Functions
・IP address restriction
・SSO/IdP integration(SAML)
・Scan Document Management(10GB)
Initial cost50,000¥ / Monthly Fee 50,000¥
  ● Identity verification pack
・Image attachment (identification card attachment)
・SMS Sending Function
Initial cost 100,000¥ / Monthly Fee 30,000¥

※ All prices are exclusive of consumption tax.

Service Flow

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff will consult you about the details of your request.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


We will arrange a meeting to discuss implementation of the system. At this time, the electronic contracting system company may be present.


If you are satisfied with the estimate and the results of the meeting, we will proceed to signing of the contract.


After the contract is signed, the service will begin.

After-sales support

After introduction, our representative will support smooth operation of the electronic contract service.