Transcription (of spoken material)

Transcription (of spoken material)

We convert voice data to text data at an amazingly low price and unparalleled speed.

We convert voice data to text data at an amazingly low price and unparalleled speed.

Service Features

High quality and low price

We provide highly accurate manuscripts at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Quick delivery

Our skilled and professional staff work at an overwhelmingly fast pace using specialized tools.

Reliable security

We ensure security by working in a dedicated room that only full time staff are allowed to enter.

Service Overview

Our skilled and professional staff will quickly respond to your request and double-check to ensure that we provide the highest quality service at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Amid the progress of DX, one of the data applications gaining attention is remarkably innovative "voice" technology. However, with the difficulty of recognizing dialects and the tendency to pick up other sounds, it seems that it is still not easy to fully realize the technology with AI. Voice is an important asset. For business not to utilize it in future is not an option. We can turn your dormant voice recordings into "active data".

Why we recommend this service

Skilled, professional staff

Our skilled input operators can provide quick and accurate transcription.

Thorough security management

Thorough security management (P Mark and ISO9001/27001 certification) ensures safe and secure use.

High quality

Our professional staff use specialized transcription tools to provide high-quality, error-free "live data".

Examples of Use

I want to create a record of a seminar lecture.

We will enter the text based on the recorded data and save the recording of the seminar lecture in text form.

I want to make writing interview articles more efficient.

We will transcribe your interviews with celebrities, etc., for easy editing when creating articles and videos.

I want to create documents of the call records (call center).

We will convert the recorded call center data into text so you can use it as material for service improvement, etc.

I would like to request preparation of the minutes of an internal meeting.

Not only do we ensure accurate input, but we also conduct thorough security control, so you can use our system for highly confidential meetings with peace of mind.


What is the estimated turnaround?
For a total recording time of up to 5 hours, we can respond in 2 to 3 business days. (5 business days depending on the content)
Do you have any security certifications?
We have acquired ISO9001/27001, P Mark, etc.
How long does it take for you to reply to a request for an estimate?
As a general rule, we reply in 1 business day.
What is the delivery method?
We respond flexibly to customer requests. In most cases, we send the document in Word format.

Rate Plan

14,000 yen / hour (@230 yen / minute)
※ The above unit price is for reference purposes only. The price will vary depending on the input items, rate, number of items, delivery date, and frequency.

Service Flow

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


We will provide you with an estimate after hearing your request.


Please place your order after confirming the contents of the estimate.

Start of work

Work will begin after the data is received.


We will deliver the data in the medium of your choice.