Dispatch and Introduction of Foreign PMETs

Dispatch and Introduction of Foreign PMETs

We provide a variety of support services related to the dispatch and introduction of international staff.

We provide a variety of support services related to the dispatch and introduction of international staff.

Service Features


We can introduce foreign personnel already in Japan to facilitate speedy hiring decisions.

Original Route

Rather than searching for people from publicly available DBs, we have our own network of human resources with a very high retention rate.

Extensive Experience in Hiring Foreign Nationals

We have a successful track record in recruiting multinational staff, so we have the know-how to hire the right person for the right job.

Service Overview

We provide thorough support for every aspect of hiring foreign nationals, from work-related concerns to daily life support.

Foreigners wishing to work in Japan face many hurdles, such as real estate, personal seals, visa applications, cell phone contracts, etc. These are also concerns for the companies that hire them.
We provide support with regard to many of the problems that arise when companies hire foreigners.

Why we recommend it

We can introduce you to the right people to meet your needs!

We have a database of over 7,000 foreigners resident in Japan.

If you are worried that foreigners won’t be able to do the required work, please consult us!

The process and criteria for visa approval are complex. Even if you think it is impossible, please consult us.

We can match the right person with the right status of residence to the right job.

We can introduce human resources ranging from international students who have just graduated to job seekers with work qualifications.


A company that hires technical interns

We will recruit an interpreter/manager to manage trainees

A construction company that is short of management personnel

We will introduce a works supervisor with a degree in construction or civil engineering

A company in the accommodation industry that is suffering from a shortage of human resources

We will introduce someone with a Specialist in Humanities visa

A company that has no one to take care of back office work

We will introduce an accounting school graduate with a secretarial certificate


Do you focus on specific nationalities?
We will find a match according to your preference.
Can you provide support for obtaining a visa?
You will need to prepare some of the necessary documents, but we will take care of the procedures and paperwork.
What kind of people are your most common human resources?
They are mostly people who graduated from university in their own country, and then came to Japan to study and graduated from a Japanese university.

Rate Plan

For inexperienced personnel -> 500,000 – 700,000 yen ・ For experienced and specialized personnel -> 25% to 35% of annual salary

※ Please contact us for more information as the rate varies depending on the field of study.
※ We do not charge administrative fees or visa application fees as they are included in the placement fee.

Service Flow

Contact us

Contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff will consult you about the details of your request (industry, job description, etc.).

Job posting

You decide the specific number of working days, expected annual salary, etc.


Based on the job posting, we will recruit and select only the matching candidates.


We will visit your company to hold individual or group interviews.

Offer of employment

We will send an offer to the matched candidates.

Visa application

After the job offer has been accepted, we will gather the necessary documents and apply for a visa.

Joining the company (after visa approval)

The starting date of employment is fixed, and the applicant joins the company.