System Development

System Development

Our abundant engineering resources enable us to handle a wide range of development projects.

Our abundant engineering resources enable us to handle a wide range of development projects.

Service Features

High cost-effectiveness

Development in the Philippines enables us to deliver low-cost, high-quality products.

Abundant creativity and quick response

With an average age of 28, we can respond quickly to any request with a sense of speed and the creativity of youth.

RPA solutions

We provide RPA solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.

Service Overview

With development bases in Japan and overseas, we can handle a wide variety of projects with high quality and low cost.

The Japanese staff at our development base in the Philippines direct development to ensure high quality at an overwhelmingly low price.

Why we recommend this service

High development capability under Japanese leadership

Development is carried out by a team of experienced engineers under a Japanese leader.

Broad development capability

In addition to web, iOS, Android, and Windows desktop application and system development, we can also handle embedded Linux development.

Global responsiveness

We catch up with the latest information not only from Japan but also from overseas and reflect it in our systems at the earliest opportunity.

Examples of Use

I want you to develop an English test scoring system. (Android/web app)

We will develop software that allows native-level staff to grade English speaking tests conducted on tablet devices.

I want you to develop an app that makes it easy to manage the attendance of contract employees. (Android/iOS/web app)

We will develop a smartphone app to manage attendance and shifts.

I want you to develop a sales management system for the printing industry. (Windows desktop)

We will develop a system to manage the manufacturer’s orders, cost calculations, quotations, and sales.

I want you to develop a production and business management RPA system. (Windows desktop)

We will propose a solution to improve the efficiency of repetitive tasks using RPA.

I want you to develop a real estate information management system. (Web app)

We will develop a database of the structures, locations, and nearest stations of rental properties, and a web system to manage vacancy status.

I want you to develop a person identification system. (Linux embedded)

We will develop an app that identifies persons in video input from a PC camera and calculates the location information.


Is offshore development possible?
We can provide complete offshore development with Bridge SE (Japanese).
I need an engineer who can move about freely for a short period of time.
We provide development resources on a monthly basis. Please refer to the rate plan below for details.
How do you go about holding meetings?
Meetings will be held at our office in Japan or via various web conferencing tools.
Can you create a large database?
Yes. We can develop a hybrid system in collaboration with our data entry division.

Rate Plan

Development Engineer Resource Service 300,000 yen/month (per person)

Service Flow

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form or Contact Us phone number.


Our staff in charge in Japan will conduct a detailed consultation.


We will provide an estimate based on the results of the consultation.


Please check the details of the estimate before placing an order.


We will hold a meeting in which the engineers will also participate to finalize the specifications.


We will proceed with development while obtaining your feedback.


We will deliver the product by the requested delivery date.

Follow-up service

We will provide remote post-delivery follow-up.